Garvey AAA Accordion | Student Level


The AAA Garvey Accordion in Red or Blue. This is the Best Beginner Button Accordion available around the World as nobody else uses the same quality Reeds as we do in our Accordion.

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Comes with a quality case Sean Garvey have designed this accordion with the help of some teachers. The finished product is far superior to any other starter accordion on the market including the Hohner Black Dot.
Garvey accordion have been available since 2003.Up to 2003 the quality of the beginner accordion was not great. The Hohner brand was the best seller and the black dot had not been improved or upgraded since the 1950.’s.

Sean sourced a maker to improve the quality and ended up producing what became the Garvey AAA.This accordion has always had the features of the professional accordion all of which were lacking in the Hohner or Parott or anything else available.. The present day Garvey accordions are known for their quality Tam reeds which are only ever found in the professional accordions

Garvey accordion are presently been replicated by a few distributors who don’t involve themselves in research just copy what we have done but only Garvey has the Quality reeds.
The popularity of this accordion is understandable as it has all the features the teachers require in a starter box. They never go out of tune or have broken reed’s.

Wooden fingerboard which stops buttons level on fingerboard
Groove on side of fingerboard
Italian reeds c/w plastic valves
Bass strap adjuster


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Dimensions 36 × 35 × 20 cm


Playing Level


Garvey Colours

Blue, Red


Garvey AAA Accordion | Student Level