Yamaha Pacifica 012 | White

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  • Perfect for players of all levels at an affordable price point
  • Excellent feel due to Yamaha’s world-renowned ergonomics
  • Suitable for any genre of music! You name it, you can play it on this guitar!
  • Neck Pickup: Ceramic Single Coil
  • Middle Pickup: Ceramic Single Coil
  • Bridge Pickup: Ceramic Humbucker
  • Controls: x1 Master Volume, x1 Master Tone
  • Pickup Switch: 5-Position Lever Switch

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The perfect pickup combination

Enrich your tone. The Ceramic Single Coils combined with a Ceramic Humbucker in this Pacifica offer an array of tonal options for you to play with. The bridge humbucking pickup offers a powerful, high output voicing which will add definition and punch to your notes. The neck single coil is smooth, adding some depth whilst still remaining tonally bright. Then there’s the middle pickup, which offers a well-balanced, twangy, vibrant tone for you to enjoy. Combined, these single coils will help you deliver a rich array of sounds suited to any genre.

Easy to play

You’ll love it. The way the maple neck fits naturally into your hand is sublime, and offers complete comfort whilst you’re playing. You’ll find that, the more you play it, the more riffs flow naturally into each other. And a walnut fretboard only builds on this, offering superb smoothness and a well rounded tonal response. These tools will help you discover your own playing style on guitar.

Tremendous tremolo

Everyone’s heard a whammy bar in action. They let you inject your riffs with vibrato, so you can make full chords oscillate as well as individual notes. This guitar features a classic tremolo system which will help to safeguard your tuning, and use the whammy bar as much as you like. It’s the real deal.


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Yamaha Pacifica 012 | White

Original price was: €249.00.Current price is: €229.00.

In stock